The Black Jack

Flat bottom and a pronounced rail deliver dynamic reactivity 
for smaller size paddlers and women

dynamic reactivity

The Black Jack is a modern white water kayak that perfectly bridges the gap between a river runner and a creek boat. High volume and high rocker give it the dry line ability and buoyancy that a full on creek boat needs. A flat bottom and a pronounced rail deliver dynamic reactivity even on mellower waters.

285 litres

With 285 litres of volume the Jack is built for paddlers between 60 and 85 kg body weight. Without edging it seems to run independently from cross currents, but presents a dynamic edge performance already in modest lean angles. Because we limited the width of the hull, the Jack is also predictable in shallower waters.

effortless turning

The tips of the boat seem slicey, but are high volume due to their width. That allows the paddler to turn the boat effortlessly with only a sweep stroke, paddle precise lines in big volume, but also stay high and dry over steep drops.

reduced design

Because we target the Jack also to smaller size paddlers and women, a low weight was a necessity. We shook everything off that looked like excess and came up with a reduced design that represents the white water Zeitgeist of the 21st century. No matter if you are beginner, intermediate, or expert, our new kayak is your “Jack of all Trades.”

the facts

Length: 256 cm

Width: 66 cm

Volume: 285 liters

Weight: approx. 2o kg

Colour: yellow, green, red

Paddler weight: 60–85 kg

Retail price: 
1,190.00 euro

Black Jack outfitting


Our fully integrated seat-rail-tower combo enables ergonomic seating over long periods on the water. The tower supports the cockpit area in pinned situations and over large drops. It also can be used as an emergency step for a safe exit in critical situations.

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